A family's quest to reduce their plastic usage


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My project book This is my first every post and I must say I am a little nervous! In some ways I hope people don’t see my posts because…well….I don’t consider myself a great writer…..nor do I believe I have any great pearls of wisdom. So why write a blog you might ask?

Firstly, this blog is about my attempts to reduce my family’s waste. My family consists of my husband and I and our two boisterous toddlers aged one and three. I’d like to think we are a pretty average young family living in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. My husband works long hours while I look after our kids, study part time at university and sell the odd handmade gift at markets and online when I can.  All in all we have a busy but happy little life. It’s just a shame about all the rubbish!

I started making a list of everything that firstly contained plastic, and everything that contained throw away packaging. I was appalled. This became my initial list to slowly work away at but it is by no means complete. My husband is fully supportive but has some simple rules;

  1. My quest isn’t going to send us broke and
  2. It isn’t going to involve massive changes to the way we do things.

My list


So the challenge is on!

My reason for blogging is simple. As I am acutely aware that the whole online world can read this, it makes me determined to do a good job. Researching things in greater detail is also an aim. I really don’t like taking people’s word on things (sorry), I prefer to read scientific findings first hand when I get the chance so hopefully this blog will help people wanting more in depth information. Secondly, this blog is intended to store information on everything that causes waste in our house. From cleaning and personal hygiene products, to meals and treats and a little craft thrown in as well. Rather than going to a whole swathe of different sites each time I need a recipe, I will consolidate them here making it easier for me and hopefully you too.

I hope you can join me on my little quest. cheers



Author: blue4814

A mum of two happy little boys, wife to my dangerously attractive husband (his words), long suffering university student completing a Master of Environment and the sewing and crocheting machine behind "Love Ollie and Sam x" my Melbourne based market stall business .

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